About Her Hub
A Women of Toledo Initiative

Our Mission

Connecting women, resources, businesses and organizations through an online HUB that will expand HER potential.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce duplication and schedule conflicts among women’s activities to enhance partnerships, activity attendance and funding. We are looking to strengthen local companies by connecting female employees to the right networking and professional development opportunities, as well as promote and support female-owned businesses. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help women find the right opportunities to connect and grow, from professional development to volunteer to advocacy. By providing this resource, we hope to enhance existing women’s groups and events by building a large online network of women to promote activities through a one-stop-shop called Her Hub.

Her Hub Task Team

Nina Corder

Women of Toledo

Kristina ElSayed

Women of Toledo

Cristina Magaña

Marketing MGMT

Liz Mohler-Loomus

Marketing MGMT

Founding Committee Members

Emily Avery


Mickey Radtkin


Nina Corder

Women of Toledo

Brandi Walerius

black and white consulting

Christie McKenzie

Women of toledo's advisory board

Jonelle Massey

Toledo Public Schools

Alicia Wagner

fowl and fodder

Erika D White

UAW Women's Committee & Eberly Center

Carrie Hartman

City of Toledo

Cami Szirotnyak

Steinam Sister and MHRSB

Julie Woods

digital marketing and online platform

Kristie Knighten

KPK Unlimited

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