Today, we’d love to introduce you to the owner of Pineapples & Parties, Angela.  Pineapples and Parties is a local event planning company that is a go-to resource for all things parties, weddings and more!  From flowers to rentals to budgeting, Angela has you covered! 


Ever wondered what the real life experiences and struggles are of an event planner? Keep reading for our insightful interview with Angela.  We cover her future goals, struggles and what it means to Angela to support other women!


Tell us about yourself! What makes you, “you”?


My name is Angela! My boyfriend’s name is David, we live in an 1874 built home near downtown Perrysburg, and have two cats Berlioz and Marie, named after The Aristocats (Disney movie)! In our free time we work on fixing up our almost 150 year old home, spending time with our families and friends, and traveling both near and far.


Describe your business/services and then tell us about what brought you to creating this business and why you’re passionate about it.


Wedding planning, florals (both fresh and silk), decoration rentals, Budget Analysis/Tracking, Day-Of Coordination, full service event planning, timelines, to-do or task lists, vendor selections, and really anything


What goals do you have for your business in the future?


My goal is to continue growing my business. Right now, I work some small side jobs to help pay our bills. Not something I’m always proud or willing to admit, but it’s the reality, and not something to be ashamed of by any means. I wish that always being fully booked, with minimal efforts, and no dry seasons ever was reality, but it’s not, maybe for others it is, but definitely not the case for me. It oftentimes is feast or famine, having no weekends off for several months in a row and wanting a weekend off so badly to wishing you could go back to that after so many weekends off. I think too often we only share our successes or our “highlight reel” but I have been trying to keep it real instead. Being a business owner is truly an amazing thing and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it’s going to come with the ups downs and all arounds, and that is a-okay!


What is your proudest achievement?


Starting my own business when I was in my early twenties. I figured now was the time to do it and follow my dreams!!


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner and how did you overcome it?


Again comparing myself to other planners, florists, etc. in the area. Trying to not get discouraged when a potential client books someone else over me. But I have to remind myself that that is okay and that the clients that are meant to book me, will book me. It can be hard though to put in all of the work to try to get a new client and lose out on them, but it happens, so I allow myself to feel discouraged and then I move on because I know I am still destined for great things and that many victories are to come!


What advice would you give to a woman looking to start a business or get into a leadership role? Is there one thing that has helped you specifically?


As an introvert, I always thought when I was younger that I couldn’t be in a leadership role or have my own business. I just assumed that only extroverted people with very outgoing personalities could be in leadership and/or business owners. But, I have come to learn over the years that introverts have amazing qualities that can make them great leaders and owners as well. As an introverted person, I have excellent listening skills and know how to have meaningful conversations, which means I am able to hone in on what my clients really want and help to bring that vision to life in the form of their event.


What made you want to join HerHub?


I met Kaitlin through her 419 Living page on Instagram. I’ve always loved her energy and enthusiasm for women owned businesses, so when she joined HerHub as a task member, I knew that I wanted to be a part too! It’s not always easy as a female owned business, so having a group full of fellow female business owners, we are able to connect, collaborate, vent, bounce ideas off of each other, lift each other up, and encourage one another when we are feeling discouraged. I love all of the networking and business groups that I am a part of, but whenever I am about to step foot into a business and see the HerHub sticker in their front window, I get so excited knowing that I am supporting a fellow female owned business with the hard earned money from my own business. Females supporting one another is my favorite thing and that is what HerHub is all about!


Why do you feel it’s important to collaborate and empower other women?


We live in a world where it is so easy to compare ourselves to one another. Especially with social media being so heavily used nowadays. I think it’s important to stop comparing ourselves to each other and start collaborating, empowering, and encouraging other women. Comparison is the thief of joy and I think it is so important to celebrate those small victories in business and in life. Each client/couple booked, each meeting that goes great, each collaboration or connection… that is a win in my book and something worth celebrating!


If you could recommend one resource (book, podcast, quote, class, website, etc.), that has helped you in life or in business, what would it be and why?


I really enjoy journaling. I try to reflect on the positives that happened for the day, whether they are related to my business, my personal life, or anything in between. Even on the worst days, you’re still alive, the sun shined, you have a roof over your head, there’s usually something positive to focus on. It has really helped my mindset in all aspects of my life by doing this!


We love spreading love to other woman-owned businesses and we bet you do too. Give a shout out here to your favorite, local, woman-owned business (besides your own)!


I have quite the sweet tooth and LOVE supporting So Many Something’s, Abby Crosby is the owner and a total boss babe, her creations are the best, no family birthday is complete without a custom cake from SMS!!


Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with us, Angela!  And as a gift to our readers, Angela is offering a special HerHub gift when you mention HerHub when booking a service with her!




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