Have you heard about the crazy real estate market we are currently experiencing?!  Here’s your chance to get an insider’s view on what it takes to be a Realtor in this market and meet a very talented woman that we are proud to have in our HerHub community. 

Ana Snyder is a local Realtor who has made the United States her THIRD country to call home. She is truly an example of what success looks like when you set your mind to something! 


Keep reading for all the inspiration!

Tell us about yourself! What makes you, “you”?

I am a professional, methodical, and detail-oriented person. My purpose is to help others to know the home buying and home selling process and prepare them for the outcome.

Describe your business/services.

As a Realtor, or Licensed Real Estate Agent, I use my qualifications and market knowledge to help clients purchase or sell commercial and residential properties. My duties include researching available listings that align with my clients’ criteria, scheduling showings to give clients tours of available properties, and overseeing negotiations between my client and the buyer or seller.

What brought you to creating this business?

After covid, I wanted to help people with something they will always need. I thought housing is a necessity and I speak 2 languages, I can help to expand homeownership among international residents.

Why are you so passionate about helping people become homeowners?

Real estate is the best investment to build wealth and legacy. When you own a home, you will have stability on the payment, tax advantage, and appreciation value over time.

The family is the foundation of our society. Communities are built around the family. If each house represents one family, and they are proud of their achievement, you will see that in their houses. Homeowners love their properties, they want to show themselves, their families, and neighbors how proud they are, It won’t matter if they have to spend time and money to keep the house in good shape.

I know the power of homeownership, the value of belonging. The sense of belonging is a feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity. It is crucial to our life satisfaction, happiness, mental and physical health.

Being a homeowner could bring you a sense of community. When you meet a neighbor or another homeowner, you can talk for hours about challenges and situations you have lived in your house. You could find something in common with anyone, even if they have different beliefs than yours, political affiliation, or profession, we can all talk about our houses.

Diana Patton one day said “find in people what brings us together”.  Homeownership brings us together in a beautiful way…No matter our differences, homeowners share a common motivation to be united for common welfare.

What goals do you have for your business in the future?

Continuing to learn and helps more people to achieve their homeownership dreams.

What is your proudest achievement?
Learning English. It took me longer than French. When you depend on others for translation it is like being oppressed, censored, it feels lonely and sad. I am glad I overcame the fear of not being understood.

 What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner and how did you overcome it?
Finding listings in a low inventory market has become a challenge even for agents with a long time in the business. I don’t know many people, so my database is limited. I started asking other realtors, brokers, neighbors, almost everyone I know “How can I meet people in Toledo? During covid” It is complicated because in-person meetings have been limited, it comes and goes like a wave. I discovered the chamber of commerce and Women of Toledo.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to start a business or get into a leadership role? Is there one thing that has helped you specifically?

Know and believe in yourself. Developing confidence can prove to be a very difficult endeavor. Do not compare with others. If you feel down, you are not alone, you can talk with anyone listed in the directory of Women of Toledo. We are here for you. We are not your competition, we want you to succeed. We want to help you, tell us how, and we will do it! Together.

What made you want to join HerHub?

As a latino/hispanic immigrant, I arrived at a new continent, new country, new city, new language, new culture, I was looking for a friend. I read about Women of Toledo in The Blade, and looking at their website I found HerHub. I went to a meeting with Nina, then with the women’s circle. I feel welcomed.

Now, I understand the importance of networking. I found wonderful women where I can build friendships and help others.

Why do you feel it’s important to collaborate and empower other women?

When women are living safe, fulfilled, and productive lives, they can reach their full potential.  Forming connections with other women, who can share their experiences about similar hurdles, can help you to reorganize your thoughts.

We can share interests and goals. We can inspire each other. We can ask for advice from other women with more experience than us.

We love spreading love to other woman-owned businesses and we bet you do too. Give a shout out here to your favorite, local, woman-owned business (besides your own)!

  • I enjoy Sip coffee, beautiful place, wonderful customer service.
  • You can find good food with European ambiance (at least in my perception) at Fowl & Folder, the owner is so humble and nice.
  • Impact of decoration with The Host Concept.
  • I admire and respect Diana Patton, she has books, wonderful website, I try to go to every one of her events.
  • I can’t leave behind Voice of my Roots with Awila, interpreter Spanish-English. She is not only professional, but she also offers quality service necessary in a population where the biggest barrier is the language.

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