Connecting Women, Resources, Businesses,
and Organizations.

The Goal

To reduce duplication and scheduling conflicts among women’s events, and to enhance collaboration efforts, partnerships, activity attendance and resources. We are looking to strengthen the local economy through marketplace and workplace by connecting our female businesses to the appropriate network, clients, and development support systems.  Our goal is also to increase visibility of local female entrepreneurs and promote women economic empowerment.

Our Purpose

To promote, highlight, and advocate for Northwest Ohio community women-centered events, women-owned businesses, groups, authors, and organizations. We want to continue to educate, engage and empower our community in any capacity we can.  We will provide a resource engine that will serve and support our community by helping women find the right opportunities, networks and resources for personal & professional connection and growth.

By providing this resource, we hope to encourage and build confidence for new women businesses, and enhance & elevate the visibility of the existing women’s groups, businesses, and events by building a large, diverse, inclusive, comprehensive community of women supporting women.

HerHub Task Team

Nina Corder

Program Lead

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HerHub Task Team

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