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The Sojourner’s Truth
MARCH 24, 2021

In celebration of Black History Month, a showcase of five locally-owned businesses led by black women was held on February 25 at Fowl & Fodder in downtown Toledo.

Attendees sampled tasty cuisine from Island Soul Cuisine and Hotbox Bistro, which are both owned by black women, on the main floor of the facility. There was an additional opportunity to sample sweet desserts from Be Sweet Treats and Avocado & Cheese and to view art pieces created by Art by Cyd. Be Sweet Treats is owned by Chanell Phenix, Avocado & Cheese is owned by Alisa Gafeney, Art by Cyd is owned by Cydnee Moore, Island Soul Cuisine is owned by Mikhala Bagot and Hotbox Bistro is owned by Keitha Sheares
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