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This MYSTERY container is channeled live one time, daily, for 21-days via ZOOM.

Participants are also invited to join:

OPTIONAL Telegram community for daily engagement with other participants
Note: daily recordings will be posted in this group for on-demand access for 42 days from Day 1.

This Activation-based Energy Management Immersive is for YOU if you desire to:

  • heal BELONGING + SAFETY wounding across all timelines to CROSS THE THRESHOLD in this timeline with 💯 of your energy vehicle ONLINE and READY to support you in higher spirals of actualization of your CREATIVE PURPOSE.
  • shift and stay shifted, because you have done the shadow work and are ready to level up, right now!
  • increase your capacity for HIGH SENSATION exponentially
  • develop and/or deepen your psychic boundaries so that they are CLEAR and PRISTINE
  • activate your SUPERPOWERS so that you may enhance your daily, lived, embodiment experience HERE+NOW
  • re-member EVERYthing, EVERYwhere, ALL at once, in a way that is ordered and optimized for your inherent timing cycles and energetic discernment.


For ALL TIME lines:

  • clear HARD CODE of FOMO
  • re-EMBODY the CO-CREATRIX REALITY of an internalized god head

DEEP opens 13 April, 2024

21 days of live transmission/activations
21 day of re-membering
21 days of activations
42 days on-demand access to all live recordings

Change occurring through this container is CODED to the TONES of
GRACE, EASE and PLAY. Let it be smooth and succulent in its travailler (work/labor).

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
Thank you for exploring my offering.

All ways in love,

Tobie xx

REGISTRATION closes 12 April, 2024 @ 23:59 EDT

Note: When you register, you will pay a 1x fee for 21 days of live activation transmissions and healing sessions.

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