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For coaches, parents, athletes of any age, personal trainer, physical education teachers, or anyone wanting to learn more about how your body works! Multiple topics covered in several different 1-hour classes. Each $15 & taught by a physical therapist with a passion for preventing injuries and pain problems. Click the link to find the topic of interest to you! The following is a list of topics and descriptions
1. Flexibility and stretching: Learn when to stretch and when not to, get tested for flexibility.
2. Core and Posture: what is the core and how does it actually work to support your trunk
3. Shoulder Mechanics and Overhead Sports
As a coach, trainer, PE teacher, parent, or athlete, create a better understanding of how the shoulder joint works. This class will review the anatomy of the shoulder joint and the mechanics of the shoulder joint (how the muscles and bones work together) to enhance performance and prevent injury.
4. What is Scoliosis? How does it affect you or your athlete?
This class will describe scoliosis, how it can effect lung capacity, what sports are to be avoided, what can be done to help improve it, and any other questions you have about how it relates to life and movement.
5. Ankle sprains and hip strength–How are they related?
Chronic ankle sprains are an issue for many athletes in many sports. As a coach, PE teacher, or trainer, how can you help your athlete prevent them? Find out how hip strength relates to ankle stability and learn a few exercises to share with your athletes.
6. Hip shape and balance
Hip shape influences “knock knees”, “pigeon toes”, “duck walk”, and other things. Do you try to change these for your athletes? Should you? How do you know? Let’s test your natural stance and help you pass that along to your athletes!
7. How to squat well and protect your knees
Squatting is known to hurt knees, so people are scared to do it. Squatting is a part of life: every time you stand up, sit down, get up from the floor, or climb a stair, you are doing a squat. Learn how to properly squat from a physical therapist who has been nicknamed the “OCD PT” because of an awareness to detail that can help anyone squat, and learn how you can teach these tricks to your clients and athletes.
8. Active or Passive Stretching: which is better?
We all know stretching is important. But what kind–passive, active, and/or dynamic? Combined with the 23-year experience of a fellowship trained physical therapist that has been nicknamed the “OCD PT”, learn the science behind when to apply each kind.
9. Tech Neck
We have all heard of “Tech Neck”. What all is involved with “tech neck”, and what is the long term concern? Learn how to fix it from a physical therapist.
10. Strength vs Flexibility: Which is more important?
The answer is a strong, yet balanced Movement System (or balanced body) is important. How do you know when you or your athletes are in balance? How do you maintain it?

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