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Learning more about the benefits of meditation, and beginning to experience the effects of a regular practice is a giant step in self-care.

Join this 5-week series as we explore what meditation and mindfulness is, (and what it is not) and gain insights and tips on how to effectively begin your own practice.

We will meditate together, learn about the effects of modern-day stressors on our brain and nervous system, and discover practical and accessible practices for self-regulation.

This series is designed for people just getting started in meditation, those who have tried meditation but it “didn’t work”, and also those wishing to build upon an already established practice.

Expected Outcomes: Discover the effects of meditation on overall mental and physical health and well-being, learn to access the most sophisticated parts of our neurocircuitry for emotion-regulation, and establish real-time techniques to use on your own as you continue to your own self-care practice.

This is a five-week series meeting once a week on Tuesday’s from 5:30pm-6:30pm. The series begins Tuesday April 5th, and ends Tuesday May 3rd, 2022.

Sliding scale payment option available.

Class is live at Wixey Center for Wellness.

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