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This workshop focuses on tangible, actionable practices and techniques that support parents and caregivers in meeting the day to day challenges we are presented with in caring for today’s youth.

There are two ways meditation and mindfulness practice can benefit our young(er) ones: 1. through explicit mindfulness practices (you’ll leave with age-appropriate exercises), and 2. through the embodied nervous system of the adult caregiver (you will have your own repertoire started by end of workshop!)

Often our relationship to our child(ren) can feel the most important to us, and is also the one(s) that can make us feel most unsteady when fear, turmoil, lack of control, anger, frustration, (etc) occur – within them and within ourselves.

This 2-hour workshop is designed for parents and caregivers of children pre-birth – 20 years of age. We will be focusing on the best ways we can support ourselves and our child(ren) with meditation and mindfulness practices.

Plan to learn through cognition, a bit of neuroscience and new experiences. Plan to meditate.

Discover the effects of meditation on overall mental, physical and emotional health and well-being, learn to access the most sophisticated parts of our neuro-circuitry for emotion-regulation, and establish real-time techniques to use daily to support ourselves, our kids and their future.

This workshop is offered on a sliding scale pay option. Our goal is to make these teachings as accessible as possible, and we encourage you to go with the rate that feels most appropriate for you when booking.

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