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We are on a journey of wholeness, not happiness. Light & dark, positive & negative, goodness & evil are all a part of the makeup up the perfectly constructed universe, and as such, our human being-ness. We cannot know what joy feels like without first experiencing grief.
This gathering will demonstrate the essentials of shadow work, making it an equal part of our spiritual discovery of Self, rather than something we try to will away in order to be at Peace.
True peace is felt when awareness is directed to the already existing balance and harmony of the Universe. We will discuss and practice how to work WITH the shadows and demons of our consciousness, so we may confront our fears, and welcome moments of grief, doubt and anger to shift the story we tell ourselves about who we are, who others are, and what this world is that we live in.
Bring a notebook if you feel led to record the discoveries of your shadow to continue the work beyond our gathering.
This class operates from our “gift model.” We invite you to intuitively discover the amount that encourages peace, balance, and the expression of gratitude, taking into consideration your financial means.

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