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We believe, we are the anchor of connection for our female’s community to continue to be seen, heard, and valued during this uncertainty. Now, our Virtual Power Hour Series Session is our new way of doing business at Women of Toledo. For the evening sessions, join our Women’s Circle series session.

Pivoting during COVID-19: Despite this setback, we are still committed to serving our community, especially our female community members, so that our community can continue to thrive in any aspect of their professional and personal lives. In response to the current situation, we’ve implemented our continuity plan to engage our female community. We are proud to launch relaunch all our programs via virtual as part of the Virtual Power Hour Series.

We want our female community to continue to lean in with our organization for support, connection with other women, and access to new skills and resources.

For this session, we invite you to join an Open Conversation with our State Rep. Paula Hicks Hudson.

Discussion: How to continue to be vigilant with tenacity for a conversation at responding to our current issues.
Start from the core of the why, how, what, when, and who.

For years we’ve been connecting over shared experiences, building each other up, and cheering each other on. The nature of our women’s circle open conversation is to discuss more how women are involved in all parts of society, but some matters affect and touch women more than others. Now we’re coming together virtually to continue at supporting each other through the pandemic and time of crisis. In other words, we want to create a space that offers our community members an opportunity to experience the heart, emotion, empathy, care, concern – all the content that grabs you and reminds you what being human is all about. We believe, by doing so we can create an open space for our community members to connect, communicate, collaborate, and contribute towards change, be present, always with those we serve.

Must RSVP to attend: https://www.womenoftoledo.org/…/virtual-power-hour-wom…/form

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