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All women deserve a voice, all women deserve to be believed in, and all women want to know that “they are not alone.” Women are involved in all parts of society, but some matters affect and touch women more than others. From the power of the women’s vote to reproductive rights and the pay gap, let’s take a look at a few of the major issues that modern women face and how we can advocate for this issues.

For Feb, we will kickoff our circle’s conversation on issues surrounding gender discrimination on ‘Women and land, property and housing’. In addition, we want to explore cultural and religious practices, as well as customary practices, that also can have an impact on women’s rights.

Circle of Expertise/Speakers:
Sena Mourad Friedman with The Fair Housing Center
Ambrea Mikolajczyk with ARK Restoration & Construction
Kathy Tucker with NWO Homeownership Development Agency – NOHDA

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