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The art of vaginal steaming dates back thousands of years throughout many cultures.

A yoni steam is a warm steam bath for the vagina. It combines an organic customized blend of herbs and warm steam generated from a bowl beneath a seat. It is a powerful and grounding experience that can be a vehicle in self healing on many different levels.
We’re gathering to learn how to safely detox our sacred seat’ physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Deets
What: A SONIA Organics Workshop at Monroe Neighborhood Center. You will receive a yoni steam take home kit with a temporary steaming seat, a local herb blend harvested and prepared by SONIA. Also Included: full moon crystal infused elixir, a specialty formulated local tea bag. Frankincense and myrrh, and an organic party liner. After your payment you will receive an email including our infamous herbal referral guide so you can discreetly choose the herbs of your choice that will fit your personal needs. Enjoy many giveaways, yoni t shirts purchases and exclusive products for women’s health. We also will introduce our newly designed handmade wooden steam stools that will be available for purchase.
When: Friday January 31(6pm-8pm) – 15-20 minute Please arrive on time.
Where: 3613 Monroe st
Attire: Spa casual

Please Note. RSVP by cash app. Send $50 $SO419. Please do not arrive without an advance payment. Steam kits will only be prepared for prepaid guest only.

Live, Feel, Be Well

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