Educator turned entrepreneur, Julie Luther of Wealthwave can support your journey of transforming your financial fears to financial abundance! Julie has a passion for service and shares how she can guide you into achieving your financial goals.
What is the name of your organization/business?
Tell us about yourself! What makes you, “you”?
Retired educator who has a passion for serving people. My husband, Patrick, and I have 2 grown sons, 2 dogs and 3 cats. In warmer weather, you can find me spending time in our large garden and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible when not growing and working in our business.
Describe your business/services and then tell us about what brought you to creating this business and why you’re passionate about it.
Wealthwave is a full service financial education shop committed to serving people who have questions about their personal or business finances by teaching people principled financial decision making skills. Educating clients on how all of their plans, or lack thereof, work, what they cost, and short term/long term ramifications of benefits they receive or create themselves. Our mission is to stamp out as much financial illiteracy as humanly possible each day by teaching instead of selling.
What goals do you have for your business in the future?
Wealthwave will be the most sought after financial service provider in Northwest Ohio within the next 5 years.
What is your proudest achievement?
Running 2 successful 1/2 marathons after the age of 50.
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner and how did you overcome it?
Changing from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. I became very intentional in choosing various self-development learning opportunities that helped reverse my mindset from one of scarcity and fear to one of abundance and belief.
What advice would you give to a woman looking to start a business or get into a leadership role? Is there one thing that has helped you specifically?
Surround yourself with others that are where you want to go!
What made you want to join HerHub?
I want to meet more growth-minded, independent women leaders.
Why do you feel it’s important to collaborate and empower other women?
We can all learn so much from each other and become better leaders for all those we serve.
If you could recommend one resource (book, podcast, quote, class, website, etc.), that has helped you in life or in business, what would it be and why?
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and now there is Think and Grow Rich for Women!
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Marie Douglass Coaching
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