Krista McCulloch- Anchored in Hope 

Krista McCulloch owns Anchored in Hope Counseling, a holistic, integrative mental health practice in Maumee, Ohio. The counseling service was created from ashes after Krista experienced a total loss house-fire. Her goal with Anchored in Hope is to help people connect to their purpose and know that no matter what fire they are facing within their lives, there is hope for them. Anchored in Hope is super inclusive and they serve clients ages 3 to 100!

She is extremely passionate about meeting people wherever they are in their path without judgement and loves connecting and having real conversations.

The most important thing Krista has learned as a business owner is that it is vital to stay present, humble and to keep her eyes on her purpose of providing quality care for those who are hurting. She is incredibly proud of her team of therapists and staff and feels blessed to be surrounded by others who truly love serving others with grace and compassion. Leading her team through a pandemic has been a challenge! Part of getting through it has been to stay grounded and present, focusing on what she has control over. Focusing on one day at a time has been the key!

For new business owners, Krista recommends tapping into your weaknesses and leaning on God and other women business owners for support. 

Don’t try to do it alone because it’s so important to live in community with others. Seek support and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Lift others up in your journey! This is why she loves HerHub so much! It allows a space where we are able to support women owned businesses and connect with others on their journey. Krista truly believes that we are stronger together since we all balance each other out in our weaknesses and strengths. There is so much to learn and grow from. For extra inspiration she turns to anything by Brene Brown. Her book Dare to Lead has challenged her and helped her grow as a leader in a huge way!