Nicole Bowlus- Plexus

Nicole Bowlus is an Ambassador for Plexus, a company dedicated to weight management, skincare and healthy living. As a natural busy bee, she is always doing something, whether it be gardening, cleaning, playing with her two daughters, working on her business, reading or listening to personal growth podcasts or out exploring the 419. Her and her family love to travel and Hawaii is probably her favorite place to visit. Ice cream is her favorite snack and she could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She also loves a good steak, but she tries to stick to a vegetarian diet as much as possible. 

She is most proud of her children and she feels eternally blessed to be a business owner that works from home so she has the time and financial freedom to watch them grow up. 

While surfing a year and a half ago, she realized she was in so much pain and discomfort from a long list of health issues. With two two small children to raise, she decided it was time to get healthy in order to be the best mom possible. So, in October 2018 she invested in her own health and said “yes” to Plexus. She chose Plexus because she loves how their plant based products revolve around gut health and getting to the root of health issues, rather than just treating them superficially. In just a couple weeks, she went from surviving to thriving and it has become her mission to bring these amazing supplements to the world. 

Helping others is a true passion of hers and watching their transformation is such a rewarding experience. 

Nicole is proud to be a 419 girl through and through, since she grew up in Toledo and lived throughout Northwest Ohio. Her extroverted personality has been hard to deal with during quarantine, since she loves being around people. To her, if she isn’t connecting with people, she isn’t helping people. The internet is a great tool but before joining Plexus, she didn’t really have an online presence. Working for them coupled with being quarantined has forced her to slowly build an online presence and has also enabled her to connect with others! Her future goal is to continue helping people achieve health and happiness in their lives. She wants to educate her community on gut health and why it is such an important factor in our lives. Right now, she is offering $10 off at checkout when you purchase from Plexus!

To her, a huge part of being successful lies in surrounding yourself with fellow dreamers who strive to do little things every day that will bring positivity into their lives. This is part of the reason she joined HerHub! She wants to grow as a business woman and by working with other amazing women, she is gaining inspiration and learning so many things about being a business owner. 

Nicole believes that the more we build each other up, the more successful we will be. The ripple effect is amazing!

The podcast that made the biggest impact on her was Emily Gibson’s, “Imagine all the good things.” She loves this podcast because Emily allows you the space to sit back and wonder,“Why not me?! Why can’t I be successful too?” She would like to give a shout-out to Tinisha R. Ollon who is licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio since 2009. She was an Assistant Prosecutor from 2009 to 2017. Tanisha is a solo practitioner that specializes in Bankruptcy Law,  Probate Law (including Estates, Guardianships, Wills, and more),  Domestic Law (including Guardian Ad Litem work), Civil, and more!