Amanda is the owner of The Mama Coach, a nursing service for parents both virtually and in-person. She educates and supports new, expecting or experienced parents through common struggles such as lactation, pediatric sleep, newborn/postpartum concerns and so much more. She also teaches classes within the local community and her favorite is a 1-hour baby and child CPR and choking hands-on class. Amanda has gained her expertise through her training and work as an RN and her services are based on assessments and individualized care plans depending on the needs of the parents she works with.

Amanda is a mother to a beautiful baby girl and she is a wife to a pretty amazing guy. In her spare time she enjoys running, cooking and meeting with friends. She especially loves being outdoors! She created The Mama Coach from her passion and innate desire to bridge the gap in maternal and newborn care, something she saw needed more attention. Her favorite things to teach are pumping, lactation and birthing classes. Seeing babies grow, gain weight, be happy and thrive makes all the hard work of owning her own business worth it. Overall, she simply loves helping out the community. 

Sharing her knowledge and experience while helping women and men through parenthood is a truly rewarding experience. Her goals for her business are to simply continue doing what she loves and keep growing within her business. She is proud of how far she’s come and has many achievements that have solidified her passion. She finds it especially rewarding when fathers and partners reach out to thank her for getting their significant other’s sleep, mental health and sanity back. 

She understands how difficult the parental journey can be and strives to bring a new sense of normalcy to it. 

Initially, her biggest challenge as a new business owner was getting her name out there. She overcame this obstacle by collaborating with local like-minded businesses and gained community roots she could grow from. Networking enabled her to get more involved in community service and sharing what she does. Currently, her biggest challenge is Covid-19. Thankfully she has a lot of security within a technological platform for her business and is slowly starting to get back into in-home visits, too! An interesting learning curve has been educating herself on and implementing the new cleaning procedures that are required due to the virus. 

Her main advice to new female entrepreneurs and business owners is that they should all start in their community, grow some roots and go from there. Collaborating with others, sharing who you truly are and showing off your passions and knowledge will ultimately be the determining factors to your success. Amanda is always looking for ways to grow and expose her business and she loves the motto behind HerHub. She truly believes that women are stronger together and HerHub is a way for these women to continue doing that. 

As women, it is important to find a place where we can help and support each other’s growth, celebrate success and pick each other up in times of need. 

There are so many female business owners she’d like to mention but are probably too many to list. However, she’d like to give a special shout-out to Stephanie, the owner of Bowinkles who truly helped her gain confidence and perspective when she was starting her business. Because of this, she recommends that the one thing you need as a business owner is gaining a friend who gets it. Find someone to bounce ideas off of, celebrate wins, support and motivate each other and hold each other accountable. It goes a long way to have someone who understands in your cheerleading corner.