“I am a driven, determined seeker and speaker of truth. I encountered trauma and abuse of all kinds throughout my life. I got myself out of a religious cult and mind-controlling connection to be able to step into the place of power and command I am in with myself and my life today and the amazing journey continues!” – Andrea Lynn Diaz        

Andrea Lynn Diaz is the owner of Awakened to Vitality, Inc which provides life coaching via energetic one-on-one containers or programs that guide individuals back to their inner truth and power.  She combines energy work/alchemy, quantum healing, intuitive facilitation, her magical truth serum, channeling, spiritual counseling, and shamanic practices to move you forward and into a place of sovereign empowerment to live the life you truly desire on all levels!

She specializes in working with individuals (men or women) who have patterns of codependency or abuse in relationships and require learning how energy works as far as boundary setting within oneself.  In that space, she takes you from codependency to empowerment, not only in relationships but also within your connection with yourself and with money. She says, “Money is energy, an extension of you, and comes from you.” In this way, she brings you to a place of sovereign independence within and a life of abundance on all levels.

We ask Andrea how she come about creating her business and why she is passionate about it?

 “Going through all I had endured in life and having to have my own back to redeem myself after divorce is what brought me to creating my business. Stepping into this space of empowerment and creating my life for myself and my twins has gifted me with the know-how to guide others through the process. I am a Catalyst for Sovereign Embodiment. I am here to assist those looking to heal and move forward. I am here to remind others and guide them back to their divinity through healing and empowerment by activation of their sovereign codes and teaching them energy mastery. I work with clients locally and virtually around the globe. Energy is what creates your life and every single thing in it.  Energy mastery is the key to creating all you desire. Sovereign empowerment coaching with me leads you to energy mastery.  You are here to live a life of abundance and prosperity in all things and I am here to guide you back to the mastery within you to create it all!” 

“My healing journey brought me to creating my business. I had to heal from abuse of all kinds including sexual abuse, codependency, and learning how to fully love and trust myself which came down to boundaries within. I am passionate about what I do because I am a divine soul oracle who is here to speak the truth and lead others to the truth which can only be attained by confronting our shadows and accepting responsibility for our lives.  We can move through it so much faster when we have someone who doesn’t have an emotional attachment and can present the facts, we may not be able to see.” said Andrea.

Andrea’s goal for her business in the future is to create more programs for empowering women with money. And her proudest achievement, “leaving the way I was raised (religious cult) and being true to myself and what I am here to do in this world! My twin girls are a part of that as well. Everything I have chosen and changed has created more for them”.         

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner and how did you overcome it?

According to Andrea, marketing seems to be a big one that she faced as a business owner especially “getting my name out there and connecting with those I know are looking for my services” said Andrea. However, she is working to improve her visibility and opportunity by doing lots of networking and continuing to live as her authentic self.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to start a business or get into a leadership role? Is there one thing that has helped you specifically?

According to Andrea, it is imperative to work on yourself and never stop. This includes hiring truthful coaches to assist with your business especially helping with things that you are unable to see on your own and set a priority when it comes to self-care.

“I love empowering other women and assisting them in regaining trust with themselves.  We have to be willing to sift through the stuff that is blocking us from creating our future! The feminine collective requires assistance with this so we can get away from competition and thinking we have things to prove to each other or even to men. That is why I joined HerHub” said Andrea.

Andrea added “Intimacy with myself, within myself has been crucial to reclaiming my power.   I have to continuously be completely honest and transparent with myself and look at everything, including the stuff that isn’t so fun. It’s been imperative to ask for assistance when I require it via coaches and mentors who won’t sugar coat things.”   

Thank Andrea for sharing your story for HerHub blog post. We are simply grateful that you choose to be part of our community and our movement for #womensupportingmovement in Northwest Ohio.