Kerri Brimmer- Brimming Designs

Kerri Brimmer owns Brimming Designs, a graphic design, branding and marketing small business in Toledo, Ohio. Her proudest achievement is raising three charming young adults who have sadly rejected graphic design, as much as she’s tried to instill it into them! Kerri says she’s loved art since she’s been able to hold a crayon, yet is an organizer at heart and design allows her the perfect outlet to create organized communication pieces. 

She loves being the creative department for businesses who don’t have that in house, therefore strengthening their brand and getting their message to the right people. She especially loves helping women-owned businesses and non-profits because it gives meaning to her work. HerHub has enabled her to access this on a broader scale! 

As far as her goals for the future, she’d like to have more clients that she is able to work with on a weekly or monthly basis. While clients who have projects for her annually or quarterly are great, she enjoys being part of a regular process and team. Inevitably, the greatest challenges she’s faced have been keeping her business afloat through major technological changes and competition with others in the same line of business. 

She thanks her forward-thinking, feminist mother for the drive behind creating connections and partnerships with other women. This, coupled with her involvement in HerHub has allowed her to  encourage women to expand their perceptions, perspectives and create growth in their lives. She often references the quote “be the change you want to see in the world” because it reminds her that every day she is influential in many small ways. Her biggest advice to other women starting down the entrepreneurial journey is to just keep swimming and never give up!  

Kerri offers free consultation meetings where you are able to brainstorm about your brand and how to reach your customers. Her free Monday Marketing email list sends short and useful marketing tips straight to your inbox. She’d also like to give a shout-out to her favorite female-owned businesses in Toledo, especially Women of Toledo, Krafty Travel, Sip, The Flying Joe, So Sweet and American Frame. These incredible women are moving mountains just as much as Kerri is!