Debbie Peters & Connext Nation

Debbie Peters owns Connext Nation, an empowerment tool given to recent graduates so they are able to build the tools and skills they need to become referral partners and build strong relationships. Debbie says she partnered with the BNI co-executive directors to bring a similar course to NW Ohio and then in 2009 decided to develop Connext Nation. 

She loves her job because she gets to see a lightbulb go on when her students have “aha” moments during the course. She can deeply relate because she had a similar moment when a  friend/mentor told her that she was good at sales, even though at the time she didn’t quite believe in herself. He changed her life and she is now dedicated to paying it forward and changing the lives of others. Their goal is to give their community members the confidence to gain their next referral, help them earn more money and feel secure and happy. 

Debbie says she’s a risk-taker who wants to encourage her clients to take their own risks in the world of referrals. She wrote the manual for Connext Nation when she had no idea of how to do it and she also wrote her first book “Tell Me Exactly What to Say”, when she had no idea how to do that either! She believes the biggest challenge she’s encountered in recent years has been learning how to transition from in-personal classes to virtual ones. Connext is now actively figuring out how to expand their focus to include international customers.

Her biggest advice to female entrepreneurs and business owners just starting off is to make time for others, do the right thing and fake it till you make it! She truly believes that if we don’t help each other be successful, it will be that much harder to attain it. Debbie highly recommends the book “Money on the Table” by Ivan Misner. In this book he writes about how we sometimes cut our referral possibilities short when we give just one referral when in fact, these could be opportunities for others as well!

Some of Peter’s favorites are to learn new things, hang out with her dog Gable and garden. She would love to give a shout-out to Kendra Bills, the wonderful female business owner of In Bloom Flowers and Gifts. She loves her because she is kind, creative and fun and these are qualities she strives to match!