I have a heart that just wants to give, I strive to be someone anyone can come to, regardless of any issue they are facing. I love life, and believe no matter what our world may face, anything can be fixed with a little love and a whole lot of sprinkles” – said Erin Liedigk, the owner of 7 Little Cupcakes bakery in Perrysburg, Ohio.

We ask Erin how she started her business?

Erin was brought to this industry after being the head baker for The Toledo Zoo for quite some time and knowing that she had a skill that she wanted to grow. She has always been a strong leader and knew opening her own business would be the biggest challenge in her life, however, she ever says NO to a challenge.

“I am passionate about what I do because the world needs more positive light, more leaders, more people willing to chase their dreams, and if I can be a model for anyone considering any of these paths, that’s all I want in life”, Erin’s added.

7 Little Cupcakes has grown so much in the past 5 years! The business went from a tiny 800 square foot bakery to almost 4,000 square feet and a new storefront. Erin would like to see the business be a backbone of the Toledo area when it comes to desserts. Erin wants to support those who have supported her and make 7 Little Cupcakes the place where everyone wants to simply come and visit.

“We’d also like to offer our product to more small businesses and grow to a wholesale bakery, with a large following. My proudest moment was winning the “Best of” at Zoo to Do at The Toledo Zoo. I started my journey at the zoo, and grew up there. When I was offered to be an annual vendor for Zoo to Do, I cried. I was so emotional” said Erin.

Erin continues, “the first year we attended, we won “Best of…” and I was so emotional. I had to be supported physically to accept my award. I hung that award in our bakery and look at it every single day, and still get very emotional thinking how far I’ve come”.

We asked Erin to share the biggest challenges she has faced as a business owner and how did she overcome it?

Erin shared that her biggest challenge was adding a new baby to her family in the middle of a busy wedding season. Her husband and she waited to have children so that she could grow my business and adding Collin to the family were hard. As a Business Owner, she did not get any typical maternity leave, and only had about a week and a half off, after also having a c-section, and was back to work for 70-80 hours a week.

But Erin added, “I made it through with the help of my village. Everyone stepped up where I needed it the best, and there were some days I had baby Collin at the bakery while I worked. I remember one specific time where I had to go in for a meeting with a bride and groom, and he was sleeping in my arms as we discussed their wedding cake”.

Luckily, every one of Erin’s clients has supported her in whatever she needed to do to be a mom and business owner. Sometimes, she wishes she had some magical advice that would say, “Oh it’s all sunshine and rainbows and chase those dreams!”, but she also likes to be honest and tell everyone, it will be HARD. Starting a business is no joke or picnic at a park.

“I’ve cried, I’ve walked out a few times. You WILL take things to HEART. You will need help. Do not say no to help. I had my grandfather washing dishes for me in the beginning because I could not afford to hire help. He was so happy to do it” – said Erin.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to start a business or get into a leadership role? Is there one thing that has helped you specifically?

“Connect with other small business owners in your area. I reached out to EVERY small business our area has to offer and have made some of the BEST friendships with those people; do not be afraid to get together with those people and have major vent sessions. Let it all out, it truly helps” – Erin

Erin believes in the female force. She believes joining others is a therapy for her, and She is so thankful for the extra support. That is the reason Erin decided to join HerHub Community as one of the Business Members.

Why do you feel it’s important to collaborate and empower other women?

She feels as though without empowerment, there will be no future. Erin continues “I have been brought up by so many individuals, not only just women but without support from outside sources, I wouldn’t be a fraction of who I am today”.          

If you could recommend one resource (book, podcast, quote, class, website, etc.), that has helped you in life or business, what would it be and why?

I know it does not pertain to everyone, but I adore the “Business of Baking” podcast.

It’s the “dirty” side of owning a baking business. The late nights, the demanding clients, the wanting to crawl in a hole and never look at another cake again side of things. It got me through some tough times! I am also a HUGE believer in searching out expos relating to your industry. I have attended multiple cake/cookie/cupcake expos all over the country and spent thousands of dollars doing so and teaching myself the newest and greatest, and connecting to others worldwide. Always strive to keep learning. Also, reach out to those you admire, because without doing so, I would not have met Buddy Valestro 5 times now, and have him literally say to me, “Go for it girl” when I told him I wanted to own my bakery.

Thank you Erin for sharing her story and journey for this month’s blog post. Since HerHub is all about women supporting women, we love spreading love to other women-owned businesses and as closing, we ask Erin to shout out to your favorite, local, woman-owned business other than herself and business.

“Where do I start?!

Lucky bird Photography, Emily Manders Photography, Brew Coffee Bar, The Next Sweet Thing, The Flying Joe, Heather Biddle Photography, Belle Amour Bridal, Ella Flora Flowers, Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters, Amy Cook Photography, Gardenview Flowers and Your Perfect Day, Wedding Planning LLC.

And we bet the list continues. Thank you, Erin.