We’re going into the season where we’ll all be spending a lot more time indoors here in Northwest Ohio.  What better time than to have your house in order so you can enjoy your space rather than have added chaos, clutter and stress from a messy home?!  We have JUST the right woman to introduce you to to help you feel more organized this year.  

Meet Jen Hill of Jen Hill Organizing in our blog post today. We’re talking about why it makes a difference in your life to be organized, how she took the jump to start her business and some very valuable advice for women looking to step into leadership roles! Thanks for being a part of our community, Jen!


Tell us about yourself! What makes you, “you”?

A proud Toledo native, married to my husband Scott for 6 years, cat mom, board game enthusiast, and lover of punny jokes. Reading on the porch and listening to the rain are the ingredients for a perfect day in my opinion. 

Organizing is one of my favorite pastimes.  I know, how nerdy is that.


Describe your business/services and then tell us about what brought you to creating this business and why you’re passionate about it.

As a home and office organizer, my goal is to help people take their space from chaos to calm by decluttering and creating systems. The amount of time we spend at home or at the office is the majority of our day.  When we are surrounded by mess and chaos it causes anxiety, stress and less productivity!  That doesn’t have to be the case.  There is a lot I can’t change about this world, but if I can help people live better lives in their environment then that is a great place to start! 

Being organized has been a part of my adult life since my early 20’s.  In every job I’ve held, I needed to have a place for everything and good systems to complete tasks.  Inefficiencies would drive me crazy!  Why work harder at something if I can find a better way.  The last 6 years I worked for the Mud Hens and Walleye front office in different capacities.  The majority of that time had a lot to do with being organized.  When I knew it was time for something new for me, organizing seemed like a natural transition.


What goals do you have for your business in the future?

Short term goal would be to have a large presence in Toledo and the surrounding area and have 1-10 employees. Long term, I would like to have multiple locations across the country.


What is your proudest achievement?

Starting my own business! Chasing after my dreams. Living my life with integrity.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner and how did you overcome it?

So far- taking the first step. Being open to receiving help is so important.  Learning from others and being able to tune in to what is good advice.


What advice would you give to a woman looking to start a business or get into a leadership role? Is there one thing that has helped you specifically?

Find good people to walk with you on this journey.  Encouragers, people who will challenge you when needed, people who are problem solvers instead of problem finders, people who will listen to all your ideas.  There are so many free resources out there!  The Toledo public library and SCORE are 2 big ones for me.


What made you want to join HerHub?

Any time in conversations HerHub was mentioned, it was followed by you need to join.  If so many people feel that way, I had to be a part of it!


Why do you feel it’s important to collaborate and empower other women?

If we viewed more women as teammates instead of competition or a threat there would be so many more good things in this world.  Helping women chase their dreams and reach their potential is so rewarding.  It always seems that the more I give to help empower others, the more I receive.


If you could recommend one resource (book, podcast, quote, class, website, etc.), that has helped you in life or in business, what would it be and why?

You are a Badass at making money by Jen Sincero- felt so empowered after I read this book


We love spreading love to other woman-owned businesses and we bet you do too.  Give a shout out here to your favorite, local, woman-owned business (besides your own)!

Jera’s Heavenly Sweets- as a lover of all things sweet Jera’s is a must! 




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