Margo- Rosy Glow Wellness

Margo is a clinical aromatherapist, reflexologist and owner of Rosy Glow Wellness. She approaches her business a little differently than others in the field of holistic wellness because she has combined clinical aromatherapy and reflexology to create amazing results. Margo has loved all things scent since she was a young girl and feels truly blessed to meld this passion into her work. She is eternally amazed by the body’s ability to heal itself through our sense of smell. 

The biggest hurdle she has encountered has been COVID-19 since it forced her to put her live teaching on hold. However, she quickly pivoted and decided to make natural hand sanitizer and immune support blends – delivered right to your door, no less! She feels the big lesson in all of this change is that we need to all be looking at our businesses from the client’s perspective and their needs rather than your own. Give them what they want!

Her advice to new entrepreneurs and business owners is to establish long-term relationships with mentors whose values match your own. 

She feels extremely fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with her aromatherapy instructor, Jade Shutes. She is energized by the way women can help one another in every area of life because she believes that only united, real change takes place. We are all created with unique paths to follow but when we work together, things truly start to shift and happen! One of her favorite quotes is “Bloom where you are planted.” In other words, use what you have and grow from that!

Her biggest dream moving forward is to own an independent, nationally accredited school that teaches aromatherapy certification.

Margo wants to significantly support women trafficking survivors in our region through my mission-driven product line Rose + Joy.  She has committed 50% of the net proceeds from these self-care products go to two local organizations: Rahab’s Heart in Toledo and Sisters in Shelter in Tiffin, Ohio. She would also like to mention Dr. Rachel Elmore at Turning Point Chiropractic (who owns her practice with her husband Dr. Jeff. They have created a haven for women going through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood through her chiropractic therapy, support group and continued education into the best natural resources for mamas. 

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