Congratulations to the recipients of our No Women Left Behind Scholarships made possible by Rita Mansour with Mansour Wealth Management!

As an organization that advocates for diversity & inclusion and inequality, now more than ever we need to be vigilant at supporting our black female community. Since economic advancement and marketplace inequality is part of the critical work of our organization, it is important that we support Black Women-Owned Businesses today, tomorrow, and every day after that, to promote long-term economic change.

We want to thank Rita Mansour with Mansour Wealth Management for her generosity at supporting our No Women Left Behind (NWLB) Scholarship fund efforts to support our Black Women-Owned Business as HerHub honorees. With this fund, we welcome five recipients as the newest members of HerHub Business & Enterprise Community.

HerHub is a Women of Toledo initiative that connects women, resources, businesses, and organizations through an online HUB. We are looking to strengthen the local economy through the marketplace and workplace by connecting our female businesses to the appropriate network, clients, and development support systems. Our goal is also to increase the visibility of local female entrepreneurs and promote women’s economic empowerment. We are simply grateful for Rita’s generosity so that we are able to offer these opportunities to these five businesses.

Let us introduce you to our five recipients of the scholarship who are new HerHub members:

Shakhan Kelly, Owner of Shakhan Kelly Photography

Shakhan Kelly was born in South Carolina and spent her adolescent years in Harlem, New York. As a teen, she majored in photography at lower Manhattan’s High School of Art & Design.  She fell in love with the entire process from start to finish the first time she saw one of her own black and white photos develop.  From the envisioning, capturing, lighting and processing, each part of the process fulfills a part of her creative need.

Terrie R Cook, Owner of Simply D’Vine Boutique

Located near Monroe and Sylvania Avenue, Simply D’Vine Boutique is your place for all the latest trends in fashion. Simply D’Vine Boutique offers clothing and accessories for the young at heart, moderately chic, and the sophisticated. They also offer men’s socks, ties and shirts!

Na Tasha Shabazz, Owner of the Taste Wine Bar

The Taste Wine Bar is Toledo’s first self-serve wine bar. With 20 wines on tap every day is a wine tasting.  The Taste Wine Bar was established as place to feel comfortable where people would not feel intimidated to order or buy wine. A place where you could casually try a variety of wines at your own pace.  Pour a taste, half or full glass at a time. From Moscato to Cabernet Sauvignon, there is a wine for everyone and a risk free way of finding your new favorite.

Alisa Gafeney, Owner & Operator of Avocado and Cheese, LLC

Avocado and Cheese specializes in handcrafted customized graze/charcuterie boards, platters and tables.  This business was created with the intention to bring people together over food that is appetizing and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Alisa has always enjoyed making food and entertaining others and Avocado and Cheese provides her with the opportunity to do both!

Chef Keitha West Sheares, Owner & Chef for HotBox Bistro

HotBox Bistro is a so much more than just a restaurant; it is its own culture, vibe, and community expanding beyond its premier location in downtown Toledo, Ohio.

There lives a certain spirit of excellence at HotBox Bistro that echos its Los Angeles, CA roots from the seasoning of Chef Keitha Sheares’ one-of-a-kind dishes; to the inviting atmosphere rather your with your family, your colleagues, or your friends!

We are proud and excited to have you all as a part of our community and for us to be a part in helping your business grow!