The Value of HerHub Partnership

We are simply grateful to the partners listed below who believe in our mission and vision for our community and offer great benefit to our community. As our Partners, they understand their critical role in supporting and enabling women’s economic empowerment. Women in our HerHub community, have access to valuable business services, discounts and relationships with our partners that share our mission to support and help women business grow. Thank you to all partners that support


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Your Partnership with HerHub

In return, based on your level of contributions we will promote your company’s commitment to compassion and generosity while working

to push for equality and empower the 1,200+ women and youth a part of the HerHub circle.


Newsletter & Social Media


We will give you a shoutout on our newsletter and social media platforms. All our platforms have an audience of 1,000+ women, men, and youth that support our mission.


Highlighting Contributions


Women of Toledo will be highlighting your gracious contribution towards our initiative. We can’t wait to tell the world about your support to Women of Toledo!


Displayed & Linked

Logo Placement

Your logo will be placed on our partners and supporters page on our website and linked to your site!


Attend FREE


Attend one FREE session of our Women Economic Empowerment Series with a 2-3 minute introduction and acknowledgment at the session.