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HerHub Member Feature: Holistic Therapy & Birth Services with Shelly Varelli

Shelly is passionate about community and is utilizing her gifts as a midwife to create a safe-space for pregnant women. Her business is called Holistic Therapy & Birth Services with Shelly Varelli and she offers inclusive, empowering homebirth midwifery services to families, and birthing people in Northwest Ohio. Follow her Instagram page and she invites you to send her [...]

March 13, 2023|

HerHub Member Feature: My Personal AIP

Terra Channell of My Personal AIP is sharing a message that food is medicine. My Personal AIP is meal prep company that focuses on an "auto immune protocol." The meals are free of gluten, corn, soy, nuts, seeds, eggs, nightshades, nitrates preservatives and cane sugar. Cutting out these ingredients helps to reduce pain and inflammation. You can learn more [...]

February 21, 2023|

HerHub Member Feature: Creator’s Club

Ready to kickstart your career as a musician but not quite sure where to start? There are numerous resources available to you right here in Toledo! Abby Sarabia, the founder of Creator's Club, hosts a safe digital platform that provides musicians social, educational, and networking opportunities. Tell us about yourself! What makes you, "you"? Abby Sarabia is the Director [...]

February 13, 2023|

HerHub Member Feature: Kendi Scents Candle Co

Did you know wax melts can come in a squeezable form? Stephanie Evans of Kendi Scents Candle Co is here to show us how it's done! She offers eco-friendly, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to breathe, Kendi Scents Squeeze Melts! Read her inspiring story about how she turned her hobby into a business! ............. Tell us about [...]

January 31, 2023|

HerHub Member Feature: Spaced Out by Cindy

Let's be honest. Life can be MESSY! Cindy Salem of Spaced out by Cindy is here to help! A professional home organizer can de-clutter, organize and create space so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Email spacedoutbycindy@gmail.com to set up a consultation and receive 20% off the hourly charge. Tell us about yourself! What makes you, "you"? I [...]

January 30, 2023|

HerHub Spotlight: Naturally Simplified

Danielle Small of Naturally Simplified is passionate about sharing clean skin care that has personally helped her on her own wellness journey to eliminate toxic overload. Hear how she came to start her business that provides non-toxic solutions for our everyday needs. Mention HerHub with enrollment and receive a Lavender Touch! You can also check out the Naturally Simplified [...]

January 10, 2023|

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