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Women Making Headlines

HerHub Spotlight: Frosted Designs

Something we notice quite often when we ask woman business owners why they started their business is that they often have a bigger purpose or a lesson they’ve overcome that has brought them to their passion.  Mary Frost, owner of Frosted Designs, is no different. In the following interview, Mary shares how a tragic diagnosis brought together her passion for [...]

November 10, 2022|

HerHub Spotlight: Epiphany Planning & Development

We are so excited to share Denise Dahl’s story with you today. Denise took the brave leap to leave a secure job (while being her only household income at that!), to start and grow her business. Her business, Epiphany Planning & Development, works with individuals, non-profits and businesses to hone in on measurable goals and work to build their success [...]

September 29, 2022|

HerHub Spotlight: Jennifer Ramon of Anspach Law

We love women who lead and our guest on the blog today is no exception! Jennifer Ramon of Anspach Law sat down to tell us how she made it into law after a degree in accounting and a job that didn’t come to fruition. You know what they say…”Everything happens for a reason!”.  Keep reading to learn how Jennifer became [...]

September 21, 2022|

HerHub Spotlight: CAIRE

This week on the blog, we’d love for you to meet Dawn Bentley, the founder of CAIRE. CAIRE is a business dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible community for underserved populations, specifically people with disabilities. Along with being a busy business owner, she is a mom of 4 and a woman who loves supporting other women.  Keep reading to hear [...]

May 26, 2022|

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